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For Your Store

Your customers can pay you from their mobile app anywhere in your store. You do not need to set up a complex integration, we’ll provide a POS. Your customers only have to scan or enter a code to pay.

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For Your Website

If you're looking to receive payments on your online store, integrate with any of our plugins or use our SDKs for custom integrations. We've made it simpler than before.

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For Your Mobile App

Make money from your mobile apps. Integrate Slydepay into your Android and iOS applications with our mobile SDKs. Get paid within your apps now.

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Pay on Delivery

Delivery guys not accountable? Having reconciliation nightmares? We can help!

Let your customers pay you securely with your own payment code or QR code. You get notified by SMS when the payment is completed and your money is safe.
No cash exchanged.

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Societies looking for convenient ways to raise funds globally can integrate the Slydepay Donations Plugin easily.
Integration into your website and mobile app is also available.

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To begin, create a business account online. We’ll set you up in no time.

Receive From Multiple Sources

Receive money from different sources on one platform.

Get Paid

Choose when to receive settlements to either a mobile money or bank account at a flat rate.

Stay Notified

Receive SMS Notifications any time money is paid to your business.

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