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What is Slydepay?

Slydepay is a mobile money application that simplifies everyday payments. With Slydepay anyone can send money, pay bills, buy airtime and data on the go. The Slydepay ecosystem encompasses;
  1. Individuals
  2. Merchants / Businesses
  3. Resellers

Slydepay Personal Account Offering

To get started on Slydepay, download Slydepay from the Google Playstore or Appstore, sign up and authenticate your account in minutes. With a Slydepay Account you can;
  1. Buy airtime and Data
  2. Send and receive money from anyone
  3. Pay Bills (ECG,Water, Merchants and many more)
  4. Link your VISA/Master Cards for Transactions
  5. Link your Mobile money account and transact directly
  6. Review Transaction history under money stories
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Slydepay Merchant/Business Offering

Merchants on Slydepay are either online or brick and mortar merchants who trade in goods and services. To get started on Slydepay as a merchant, create and authenticate your account. With a Slydepay merchant account, you can
  1. Receive money (Mobile Money, Visa Card, USSD) for payments of services rendered or goods sold.
  2. Track payments made
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Slydepay Reseller Offering

Slydepay allows individuals to earn commissions on transactions with a reseller account. To sign up to be a reseller on Slydepay, send your name, email and phone number to the Slydepay Support email. The reseller account on Slydepay allows account holders to;
  1. Vend out airtime with commissions
  2. Send money to all telcos from one account
  3. Pay bill/ utility payments on behalf of other customers
  4. Create sub accounts that can act as branch outlets
  5. Slydepay outlet for Slydepay users to top up their accounts directly
  6. Monitor transactions
  7. Track how much daily commission made
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ServiceCharge on Amount
Add funds from Stanbic Bank AccountFree
Add funds from AirtelTigo MoneyFree
Add funds from Vodafone cashFree
Add funds from MTN Mobile MoneyFree
Send money to a Stanbic Bank AccountFree
Add funds directly from a linked card0.7%
Send money from a linked card to Stanbic Bank Account0.7%
Send Money from linked Stanbic Account to Momo0.8% (capped at GHc 16.00)
Send money to any bank account0.8% (capped at GHc 5.00)
Send Money from linked Stanbic Account to any Bank account0.8% (capped at GHc 5.00)
Send Money from linked card1.5%